Vanilla – let’s make a deal

You want to get the Vanilla upgrade for free, but you can’t pay for it. Here’s a deal for you: instead of paying, support the app by sharing it with a couple of people.

Here’s how it’ll work

  1. Chuck in your email address below and hit the button
  2. We’ll generate a unique link for you
  3. Email that link to people, share it on Twitter, etc.
  4. After four people download the app via that link I’ll email you a license for free

(I’m going to have to manually verify each download, so please be cool about this and don’t cheat or spam the system 👍.)

Thanks for using Vanilla!

— Matt (@_matthewpalmer)

(P.S. I’m thinking of turning this refer-a-friend program into something that you can add to your own app or product. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.)